UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE: We will not be meeting for any of our large gatherings, including Sunday Service, Bible Study etc... these will be conducted via ZOOM. Please email info@gfsanford.com for details.

Futher updates will be sent by email and text and posted in our Blog section. 

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What We Believe


Our beliefs are rooted in:

The Bible alone as our source of special revelation from God;

Jesus Christ alone as the means of our salvation through His sinless life, death, resurrection, substitutionary atonement for sins and continued mediation for His people;

We are saved by grace alone, a gift of God not based on any goodness or actions of our own;

We are sinful and can only be justified by that grace through our faith alone, and all this is to the glory of God alone.



We believe the Bible is God’s living and active Word, graciously given to us. It is our foundation, our authority and what we orient our lives around. All 66 books of the Old and New Testaments are infallible and inerrant, inspired by the Holy Spirit to use the minds and hands of chosen men to declare the revelation of the only true God. There are no other inspired Scriptures or special revelation of God to His people. The Bible is not simply instructions sprinkled with stories; rather it is one, over-arching redemptive story meant for instruction, ultimtely pointing to and perfectly fulfilled by Jesus Christ.


We believe in one God, eternally existing in three persons: Father, Son (Jesus) and Holy Spirit. There is no other God. He is all-knowing, all-powerful, unchanging, the Creator and Lord of all things.


We believe God brought the world into existence out of nothing. The original creation was one of order, beauty, and harmony. As part of His creation, humans were meant to not only care for the creation, but also to cultivate and create within their environment. We believe that humans reflected the perfect image of God, and that everything created declares His glory and handiwork that leaves man without excuse. 


We believe in a literal Fall, where our first parents, Adam and Eve, listened to Satan and disobeyed God, bringing rebellion and sin into God’s creation. At this point, the harmony of the original created order was lost, and all of creation became cursed. Adam and Eve, and all of humanity, would know physical death, and death in their sin.


The fall of man and the curse of sin left makind eternally seperated from the perfect requirements of a holy God. In his infinite mercy and grace, God the Father sent his only Son, Jesus Christ, into the world. Jesus lived the perfect life we can never live and died the death we all deserve, becoming the perfect sacrifice and ultimate atonement for sin, conquering death. He bore the punishment for sin and wrath of God, so that by believing in Him, apart from any works of our own, we could be reconciled to God. We believe in his literal life, death, and resurrection, and we surrender our lives to Him as the only means of salvation.


When Jesus comes again, He will judge the living and the dead. The righteous will live with Him, as His people, forever. The wicked, those who reject Him, will live in eternal torment and judgment with their father, the Devil. Christ will recreate the heavens and the earth, making all things new, reconciling all things to Himself. He will banish sin and death, and rule forever in the New Jerusalem, as the temple and light to all the nations. 


We believe the Church exists to be part of God’s unfolding redemptive plan in the world. The church is a community called by the will of the Father, through the power of the Spirit, to be the body of Christ and to be a sent nation of priests for the benefit of the world.

*This is not meant to be an exhaustive list, but further doctrinal positions can be provided upon request.