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Our History

the congregational Church

The Congregational way is a way of following Christ. People of a Congregational Church are not led by a higher church or state authority, but by our sole authority in faith and practice, God’s Word, in the Spirit. The local congregation governs its own affairs, and is led by biblical convictions rather than denominational mandates. Ours is the tradition of a free church, gathered under the headship of Christ and bound to others by love, not law. Congregationalism is the early predecessor to modern non-denominationalism. If you would like to know more about historical congregationalism, click here.



On May 16th, 2016 we unanimously agreed to call our current pastor, Tim Iamaio, to come in to spirtually lead and help revitilize our historic congregation.

the merge

On October 2nd, 2016, Pastor Justin Horstmeyer and the congregation of Relevant Church merged with and joined Grace Fellowship. Due to a providential series of events Pastor Justin and Pastor Tim realized they had much in common and complimented each other well. It was abundantly clear that they held the same convictions of doctrine and ministry, and the Lord brought them together for a singular vision. Justin has a passion for teaching and discipleship, and is also an accomplished musician who is as at home leading worship as he is preaching and teaching.